Founded in 1969, the French-Speaking World Conference of Ministers for Youth and Sports (CONFEJES) is an inter-government institution that works to promote Youth, Sports and Leisure within the French-speaking space. In 2005, it has been raised to the rank of an institution of the International French-Speaking World (OIF).

CONFEJES is commissioned to summon up the countries, the resources and strengths so as to promote the youth’s involvement and social integration.

From this viewpoint, the CONFEJES policies centre on three programs:

  • Program.1: Sectional management and strategic actions that mainly aims to strengthen youth and sports policies of the member states and watch over to better take into account the woman/man equality.
  • Program. 2: Youth working to make easier the economic integration of youngsters and make them sensitive and respectful of human rights.
  • Program.3: Sports that aim to improve sport practice for all and help to develop high level sport mainly in Africa.

Since 2009, 43 states and governments are CONFEJES members. The institution’s head office Secretariat is at Dakar (Senegal).

For further information, get in touch with the CONFEJES Head Office Secretariat.